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Why do we need an open source economy?

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As long as there are monopolies granted for money-making powers, we cannot have a free market or even a true democracy. The people who control the money supply can and do use that control for their benefit and use the resultant wealth to buy politicians and exert undue control over the government.

No amount of law-making or regulation can counteract the imbalance of the power that a monopoly has in a system which is as fundamentally closed, hidden, secretive and convoluted as our financial system.

If we ever want economic stability and sustainability then we need to build a new system which can be self-regulating.

Re: Why do we need an open source economy?

The news announces that the Obama administration has indicated its preference for sanctions that target Iranian regime figures and economic interests, and not the population. Right now, there's a lot of talk about economic recovery, and the White House has been talking about the attack on the middle class. Well – it turns out there has been a steady wage decrease for the average worker since the 1970s. Dollar amounts have increased, yes, BUT combined with inflation, and the costs of goods and services which increased above the rate of inflation, it turns out a lot of economic problems are wage problems.  It isn't exactly mysterious why more people need payday loans than ever before. If the average buying power has decreased, but executive buying power has only INCREASED (which is has), then we have some larger problems that need addressing.